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Tired of the usual approximate calculations? 
Want your idea is rewarded by the numbers 
and to throw off the competition?

The best Visuals Software
for the Calculation of Thermal Transmittance (Uf Ug) 
with the finite element method (UNI 10077-2)

Frames UNI EN ISO 10077-1, 10077-2, Windows, glazing, armored doors, 
Walls (UNI 1745 UNI 10351), Floors

  • Are you a Heat engineering, designer, architect or manufacturer of windows and doors in search of a quick and efficient method for calculating the transmittance that values your idea in terms of numbers?

  • Would finally a software that allows you in less than 15 minutes to determine the thermal behavior of a frame or a wall without having to resort to the usual rough calculation of straight-line method? 

  • Would you like to perform simulations on thermal windows, doors and components without going mad, just as if I were in the laboratory by a thermal camera? 

  • ... all according to UNI EN ISO 10077-1 and BS EN ISO 10077-2 (windows) or according to UNI 1745 or 10351st without spending hours of analysis and data entry?

From concept and the steady, insistent encouragement of Dr.Villa, one of the greatest Italian experts in acoustics and thermal insulation of buildings, responsible for different years of the acoustics laboratory of the CIS, agroup of young Italian professional 3D animation developers, coordinated by, has made the "big change" in the current market for software for Building, making the process of calculating the transmittance finally fast, accurate and intuitive for everyone.

Thanks to were born 2 more 'INNOVATIVE, easy, cheap, fast and reliable software for the calculation of thermal transmittance Doors and Thermal Transmittance walls.

To better understand the power of software, in the case of windows, here are some numbers: 

From 20% to 25% reduction in value compared to the calculation with the UNI 10077-1
1 year of development, software to make precise and easy use
Using two-dimensional graphics for simulation and analysis of weaknesses


Can you demonstrate that your idea and your product is a winner?

For example, to calculate the thermal transmittance of windows, you need only 4 passes and an average of 15 minutes to complete the entire process, and believe me, anyone, even without any technical knowledge, will be able to:

  • calculating the transmittance of less than 8 minutes (UNI-EN ISO 10077-1 and -2).
  • calculate the linear conductance of the frames.
  • see, like the eye of a thermal camera, the trend of heat flux 
    identifying critical areas on the fly for the passage of heat.
  • calculate the dew point for the internal environment (emission).
  • get a preview of the visual area in which there could be condensation (windows).

Not convinced? Watch the demo early 
what you could even do now 
with an investment of less than 500 Euro *! 

Watch the Video Now. Raise the volume of your speakers and click the Play button

Projects created with other software can be imported in dxf format. Need of retouching and adjusting lines is minimized thanks to a sophisticated algorithm that optimizes the imported files. Import process is therefore painless. New drawings can be created and modified in the program with the use of simple but effective tools.  

With the Frame Composer optional module you can calculate the thermal transmittance of entire complex fenestration (glazed area+frame) or opaque panels.

With Frame Simulator PRO you will own a professional tool, that allows you to make calculations on windows and doors with all the precision required by the ISO 10077 norms, but without  investing a fortune. With it you can run many analysis in a very short time and thus increase the productivity of your business.

trasmittance software download

How will forever change the way you 
produce and projects in just 5 steps 
and with an investment of less than 500 Euro *!

With daily use of the software:

  • ou can get very precise results for each type of chassis with a few simple steps: you must not know anything about the UNI EN ISO 10077-1 and ISO 10077-2! 

    NB: All specifications of calculation, based on the finite element method without effort, are included in the logic of the software and hidden from the user capacity! 

  • You can predict the thermal behavior of the frames before producing a prototype, without resorting to costly and time-consuming laboratory tests! 

  • You can analyze and discover the weak points of the frames by displaying the flow of heat. 

  • can calcolore in minutes and with extreme simplicity, precision and naturalness of the main 
    magnitudes of any frame and thermal material: 

    - Visualization of temperature at each point of the section in color scale 
    - Visualization of heat flow at each point of the section in color scale 
    - See the lines in the pattern of heat flow in color scale 
    - View the outline in color and value of thermal resistance of the surfaces 
    - Analyze the conductivity, color and value in different areas of the section used for the calculation 
    - Display one color representation of the definition of the triangles of calculation (meshing) 
    - See the isothermal condensation and color indication of the points on the inner surface of the gate at the risk of condensation, according to the parameters set environment 

    (Frame Simulator allows to calculate thermal quantities as defined by European standards: Uf    Frame thermal transmittance in W/(m2K) Ug    Glazing thermal transmittance in W/(m2K) - with Frame Composer module Uw   Window thermal transmittance in W/(m2K)  Lf2d  Linear thermal conduttance in W/(mK)  Heat flow rate density in W/m2  Dew point temperature in °C)

  • produce documentation to be attached in the form of attractive graphics, cost estimates, test reports or records sales and marketing.


Here are some of the biggest companies 
are already using with 
great competitive advantage over competitors!

PANTO spa -
Frames in teak custom-made doors, windows, doors, armored and overhead
Production and sale of wood doors, armored vehicles, garage doors and entry doors
Systems for sliding doors. Counter sliding
Windows & Doors to measure, wood, wood-aluminum, wood-bronze.
... and many others, large and small! 

PS: Many carpenters have decided to buy it!

thermal transmittance calculation

* Light version of the software for the calculation of thermal transmittance of the window or door. 
For price of full versions please contact sales manager at number 049 9005616

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